National Anti-Crisis Management

The People’s Anti-Crisis Administration, created on the initiative of a member of the

Presidium of the Coordination Council Pavel Latushko, is a temporary public body

ensuring the preservation and maintenance of the functions of state administration

in the Republic of Belarus until the democratic election of new authorities by

Belarusian citizens.


  1. Ensure the peaceful completion of functions by illegitimate authorities.
  2. Stabilization of the country’s governance system after the transfer of power to the people.


Eliminating of the causes of the crisis and preparing for Lukashenka’s resignation

  • Protecting of citizens from repressions.
  • Prosecuting of perpetrators of violence and fraud.
  • Interacting with international organizations for the arrest of funds illegally withdrawn by persons associated with the regime.
  • Forming a list of companies involved in financing the regime, for the application of economic sanctions.
  • Assisting international organizations in expanding the list of individuals for personal sanctions.
  • Supporting peaceful protests, strikes and other forms of local self-organization.
  • Countering propaganda.

Preparing institutions of power for the transition period

  • Support vulnerable populations.
  • Personnel reform of the government during the stabilization period.
  • A system of measures to restore law and order.
  • 10 steps to stabilize and restore economic growth.
  • Resumption of foreign policy and foreign economic cooperation.
  • Ensuring the functioning of social spheres.

The National Anti-Crisis Management invites the best staff among the citizens of Belarus with experience in public, business and public administration, as well as anti-crisis management for further action to overcome the crisis.

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